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Word of the Day: Lullaby



What is a lullaby to me?  One would say that a lullaby is a type of music that will put a child to sleep. But what about adult lullaby? My lullaby is the humming from a fan and its cool breeze tickling my toes.

What is your lullaby?

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Where Are You Sandman?

It’s 1am and I am wide awake. What is keeping me awake? Nanowrimo. I am now obsessed with writing my story. I forced myself to bed to get rest. Terrible headache. I still have it. It makes it hard to write. So I’m under my covers writing a blog post. I think I’m stressing out as well. I have a lot to do tomorrow and all I want to do is write. I’ve ignored the dishes, laundry and bathing my dog. I believe it will get worse by mid November. By the end of the month my house will look like a hoarder’s house and I’ll be sleeping on a cat piss covered mattress on the floor but guess what? I’ll have my novel finished. Or at least hit 50,000 word. Oh my goodness. I think sandman has finally sprinkled sand in my eyes. Is sleep really going to happen? Zzzz. Goodnight writers.