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Word of the Day: Lullaby



What is a lullaby to me?  One would say that a lullaby is a type of music that will put a child to sleep. But what about adult lullaby? My lullaby is the humming from a fan and its cool breeze tickling my toes.

What is your lullaby?

Check out oneword.com for your word of the day. Write something in 60 seconds. Have fun!

Oh my goodness! I can not believe my writing block has burst into a millions of pieces. The creative juices are boiling in my brain.  I just have to keep putting it on paper. Which I hate. Lazy writer here. I wish I could put a wand to my head like Albus Dumbledor and pull out my stories. I have no idea at the moment the point of this new story. Conflict? No idea. Which is good. Finding out is the fun part.

Write everyday. Even if it’s one word. Make it a profound one.