My Passions Are Calling

Had a meeting first thing this morning. So glad I bought coffee or I would have closed both eyes and fallen to sleep. While the Charlie Brown teacher spoke I contemplated my employment options. It came down to one comparison. Money vs. Happiness. I’ll be 39 this month. Fuck it all. I’m ready to be happy. Problem is I have no idea what to do or how to do it. So, I look to my passions: Writing, music, and art. Sounds rich to me. Opportunity can be fearful. And taking chances…pop a prozac please! Oh the anxiety. I do not want to start going back and forth right now so I will close with this. I want to fall in love again with my passions. I want to give over so much of myself that I achieve zen. I want to write like I’m feelin on a woman. I want to make love to my music and make art that would turn you on. So begins my journey. Peace.


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