Why Do I Need A Title? Just Read The Damn Thing

Stardate 11222012 (lol)

I am typing and I do not feel like it. I told myself that I would write more. Or better yet, every day.  I’m doing it now so I should go easy on myself.  I have been looking for a journal online and could not decide if I wanted to have one that was online only or portable or also downloadable on my laptop. Well, I now have Evernote. It has all the functions I need. Oh damn. I am listening to Kenny Dope “The Bomb. These Sounds Falling Through My Mind.” Can you believe it is a 15 minute song? That is crazy, but guess what? I am going to listen to the whole thing. Anyway, back to my journal search. I have Evernote for over a year and figured hey why not just use that. So I did and I am. I can post links, work on my phone, and it has great voice recognition when I have those days where I just have to speak it out and speak it loud. 

 I’m going to the mountains this weekend after seeing my side of the family. I just want to eat their food and come home. I’m just being honest. They have the best food in the world. Thanksgiving with soul. 

 I need to cut my nails so I can paint them black. 

 This song is really 15 minutes long. It is still going. Who would need a song that is 15 minutes long? It is so long, I don’t know when it would be appropriate to end. When would it stop? I don’t know if I can listen to the rest of this song. Now it just sounds predatory and imposing. 

 Why isn’t “Predatorial” a word in the freaking dictionary! I petition (not) “Predatorial” be added immediately.

 I had coke this morning for breakfast. My wife did not make coffee. That made me angry.

 I like how on Star Trek: The Next Generation or actually this happens in all of them, when Picard goes “Star Date blah, blah, blah.” He doesn’t actually say “blah, blah, blah”, by the way do you know how hard it is to type “blah, blah, blah” fast? Anyhow, I always thought about starting my entries like that. Why? Because it’s chic. To me it is. If it gets old then you will have to resume to checking your own calendars to figure out what date it is. 

 I only took half my meds today. I’ll do better tomorrow.

 When cuddling with my wife one arm is never free enough so I have to learn how to type one handedly. Now how is “handedly” a word and not “predatorial”? This type of shit pissses me off.






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