NaNoWrimo Yet??

Nanowrimo is literally around the corner and I am stoked.
So stocked that I am having brain explosions. I’m like a boneless puppet getting her strings violently jerked around. Am I excited or is my anxiety heighten thus causing my Tourette’s to go crazy??? I say Yes to both! How am I dealing? How the fuck should I know. I can’t focus long enough to figure it out. Everyone in my head has an idea and they all want their turn to scream in the microphone. I was lucid enough to go to the store today and buy a couple of items for my NaNoWrimo Prep. I picked up a pack of pens, cue cards, post its, paperclips and Scotch tape. Why tape? I don’t know. It felt like a good idea at the time. Someone in my head wanted it so they got. When I use it I’ll let you know why.

I’ve been working on my outline all day. It hurt. It was painstakingly tedious but necessary. It will help me focus when it is time to write. This shit better work.

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